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Key West Photomarathon

On Sunday, July 23, 2017 Fotomission and Tropicolor hosted the Key West Photomarathon,
a fun and exciting event that was open to all who enjoy photography.

The conrestants were assigned six topics to photograph in Key West over a period of six hours. The topics were be kept secret until the event day and were purposefully vague to allow plenty of room for self-expression. During the event the secret topics were be divulged one per hour via FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

Contestants were allowed to use the camera of you choice, including phones and drones! They received an ID badge to facilitate capturing images and make them recognisable to the other participants of the event.

The first, second and third place winners were awarded prizes that include, Tropicolor acrylic mounted fine art exhibition prints and Fotomission merchandise.

Congratulations Winners!

First Place - Key West Photomarathon

First Place, "Fantasy" - Shelley Smith

Second Place - Key West Photomarathon

Second Place, "Tranquil" - Susan Schermer

Third Place - Key West Photomarathon

Third Place, "Key West Style" - Jeane LaRance



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Tropicolor is one of the country's premier fine art printers, creating photographic prints for domestic and international artists and galleries. Many of the photographic prints on display at the annual Art Basel Miami Beach expo are produced by Tropicolor's knowledgeable staff. We are fortunate to have them sponsor our events and thank them for their very generous contribution.